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Eyes to the Sky Films is a multimedia design studio based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Our goal is to bring cinematic elements to all of our projects. We adhere to this defining principle:  “Everyone has a story to tell." We endeavor to tell that story in a way that shows your audience just how unique you are. Our aim is to aid you in making lasting connections in increasingly challenging markets by relating to your customers on a more personal level; inviting them to share in your passion; and helping them to realize that your business is a living, breathing, growing entity.


We are dreamers, the engineers of imagination. Let us tell your story.


Joseph Stammerjohn (Owner)

(412) 997 - 1354


2551 Allender Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15220


"Man must rise above the Earth -- to the top of the atmosphere and beyond -- for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."





We specialize in media services for alternative distribution (DVD/BluRay, Web, Hard Drive) for clients who are looking for a high end look without wanting to pay a high price for the work. Projects can also be completed and prepared for television or any other form of distribution.


Our services include but are not limited to:


Promotional Videos

Music Videos

Fundraising Videos

Taped Mission Statements

Documentary Filmmaking

Instructional Videos

Orientation Videos

Live Concert Footage


Event Videography

Event Photography


Package Pricing:


Creating video media is a complex endeavor. There are often features that one client wishes to include that another has no need for. As a result, all of our prices are negotiable.


Promotional Videos start at $1500

Instructional Videos start at $1000

Music Videos start at $500

Fundraising Videos start at $500

Cinematography starts at $500 per day

Live Concert Footage starts at $150

Photography starts at $50 per hour


Videos are a perfect way to connect viscerally with an audience. The marriage of images and music allows you to create a bond much more complex than through an e-mail blast or press release alone.  Please consider us for your next project.


eyes to the sky films

Joseph Stammerjohn | 2551 Allender Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15220 | joseph.stammerjohn@gmail.com | (412) 997 - 1354

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